La respiration – Murmures © – Décors muraux

La respiration - Murmures ©

Réf. La respiration

Dimensions : L 225 x H 110 cm


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She is dead, and me, I’m left destroyed.’Gendarmes arrived within minutes of the alarm being raised, and they were soon followed by a unit of the GIGN tactical support group.They soon found the corpse of an elderly woman who had been tied up and then stabbed repeatedly with a knife.’A supervisor inside the cheap china jerseys building raised the alarm very discreetly,’ said a local police source, who confirmed that the siege ended soon after midnight.Monks, who have served as missionaries in Africa, reside in the home in Montferrier sur Lez, north of the city (pictured)Some fifty monks were ‘evacuated’ from the building after gendarmes searched all floors, and then gave the all clear.The gunman, believed to be wearing a mask and dark clothing including a hoodie, was nowhere to be seen, however, and a manhunt started.’An individual, who was masked and armed with a knife and a sawn off shotgun came into Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses the retirement home where 70 monks live,’ one source said, adding that the man’s motivations were unknown.Montferrier sur Lez is surrounded by thick forests, and today police helicopters could be seen flying above them.Search parties including sniffer dogs were also searching the surrounding countryside.The nursing home for monks custom jerseys and priests was established since 1994 run by an association Les Chenes Verts.Speaking at a press conference,spokesman of the Archdiocese of Montpellier (Hrault) Wayne Bodkin said: ‘It’s a shock, it is unclear why such a tragedy, we have no idea of the intrusion pattern in this religious retreat house that welcomes former missionary in Africa.

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